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Jodie Parker-Hill

Primary Education Tutor

About Jodie

I am a highly motivated, adaptable and responsible Prep School Teacher with experience in both key stages. I have developed interpersonal skills which allow me to effectively communicate concisely and appropriately in a manner which the children understand. I endeavour to make all my lessons both creative and interactive for all pupils, and to provide a space to encourage independent thinking. Previously, I have successfully tutored for the 7+ and 11+ entrance exams with 100% pass rate.

I understand how detailed planning combined with the careful assessment of learners’ progress and intervention is crucial to driving up standards. In addition, I can effectively use summative and formative assessment methods, which are then utilised to help plan personal progressive next steps to set clear differentiated targets. I can analyse data, to monitor and track each child’s progress to ensure progression. This is a system I use in her tutoring. Children are initially assessed and then a long term and short term plan is provided. This has been successful. All her students achieved the school of their choice and I have received positive testimonials from my delighted parents.

My core strength is understanding children’s behaviours with a focus on consistent positive praise and creating a fair and belonging environment. I strive to foster an approach that is based on the development of building self-esteem and confidence in children. I believe it is of vital importance to listen and encourage tutees' voices in the design of the action plan. This helps children take pride in their work and education, developing intrinsic motivation, resilience, and integrity.
It’s important to me that I adapt to individual needs and my students have the confidence to address their problems with determination and flexibility. 

I have experience teaching HI, ADD, ASD,MLD, PMDL, SEMH, SLCN, SpLD, EAL and SM and do not consider any challenge to be a barrier. It is my job to ensure my input is considered and appropriate for each child. Additionally, I have experience with EHCP. I believe every child can make progress and learning should be a period in a childs' life that is enjoyable!


My goal is for children to believe they will surpass the potential they currently think they have!

I endeavour to be approachable, your children will know I want to celebrate their successes, help them negotiate their talents and assist them in overcoming their challenges.  

Further Qualifications

  • Level 1 Safeguarding Qualification

  • Enhanced DBS certificate

  • BA Early Years Education

Tutor Review

Alice is not only one of the nicest people I’ve ever come across with my son.She’s also very bubbly and engages my son so well, he can be easily distracted. He’s come on leaps and bounds since his weekly tutoring sessions and also passed an entrance exam for his current school. Thanks Alice !

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