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Emma Riley

Science Tutor

About Me

Hi, my name is Emma, and I am an experienced science tutor specialising in physics. I graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Geophysics and went on to complete a master’s degree in medical physics at Aberdeen University, where I studied under the pioneering Medical Physics Research team that built the first full body Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner. 

My tuition experience spans over 10 years, teaching in both the UK and internationally, in school settings, at home and online. The students I have taught have come from diverse cultural backgrounds and possessed a range of academic abilities. I have taught all aspects of key stage 3 Science and GCSE Biology, Physics and Chemistry, for AQA, International GCSEs, and Ed Excel exam boards, therefore I am fully conversant in the curriculum requirements. 

The central aim of my teaching is to create a rich and interactive learning experience that is student centred, employing personalised strategies to suit the learning needs of each student and equipping them with the skills and tools to become independent and inspired learners. I am a friendly and positive person, and I prioritise building close relationships with both students and parents, providing attentive feedback after every lesson, and keeping the parents up to date on the student’s progress. In addition, I place special focus on developing excellent science skills so the student can respond effectively to the different types of questions encountered in the formal examinations.

The philosophy of my teaching is rooted in inspiring every student I teach and providing them with a space to unlock their curiosity, to ask and answer questions about the world around them. At every opportunity, I demonstrate how the tools and models of science can reveal the fascinating hidden depths of our world, from the microscopic level to the expanses of space. Highlighting the exciting career pathways that science can open, and how the act of learning science develops tools and strategies for problem solving that can be applied to all fields of work, is one of my greatest priorities.

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