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Rebecca Bardwell

Sociology, Criminology/Primary Maths and English Tutor


I’m Rebecca. I am currently working as a tutor for Sociology, Criminology and primary maths and English. I also teach GCSE and A Level Sociology in a local school.

My experience ranges from Early years, KS1 and 2, and I have even taught KS3 and GCSE English and maths (although I prefer to teach KS1- 3).

I can also offer tuition in all primary subjects (History, geography, art etc).

I have a degree in History and Sociology and a Masters in Ancient History. So I would say that History is also a specialist subject area. I can also offer tuition in History as well as Ancient History. I taught History at KS3 for several years in school.

I worked as a primary school teacher for several years and have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the primary curriculum and have supported students with SATS tests and preparation.

I also tutored students with entrance exams, particularly for the 11+ tests.

I am currently tutoring alongside my teaching job in school. I currently tutor students that require support in KS1- KS3 English and maths. I have just started to tutor students for A Level Criminology and I have tutored students for A Level Sociology.

I have marked Sociology exam papers in line with the AQA exam board so I can provide support for students in preparation for exams and school assessments.

I have always supported students with SEN requirements. I home-schooled SEN students for several years alongside teaching in school and one to one tutoring.

I love seeing my students progress, but I believe the most important thing is to help them to believe in themselves and grow in confidence and develop a passion for the subject instead of fear. This is really important. If a student is confident and enjoys the subject, they can be successful.

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