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Our Top Six Maths Resource websites

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Following on from my recent Maths CPD session, I thought I would collate my top 6 maths resource websites, with a quick rundown of the benefits of each site and how it can help your tutoring. Remember, when teaching, we shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, if there is a useful resource out there that can enhance our work life balance, ultimately making us better teachers with more energy and more space for creativity, then we are on to a winner!


Twinkl. Need I say more? The mother of all resource sites. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Twinkl is probably one of the best-known resource sites out there. (Interesting fact, I used to work for them for a while). There is something for all on here with every topic you can think of all in one place!

Pros: Has lots of planning, assessments and resources for practically every age, level and topic you can think of.

Cons: You have to pay, and if you want access to everything it is pretty expensive!


Next up on the list is PixiMaths. I never knew about this secret gem of a website until told by a former colleague. When I first started out in Secondary teaching, this was a life saver! They have great baseline assessments and foundation and higher level topic based assessments to help guide with assessing and planning future sessions. They also have ready made PowerPoint lessons with worksheets and sometimes fun puzzles that go along with all topics. They are differentiated as well!

Pros: It’s all FREE. Need I say more?

Cons: It is aimed all at Secondary, so no Primary resources on here.

Corbett Maths

Corbett Maths is another favourite of mine. There are literally hundreds of simple, well explained tutorials. Perfect to help demonstrate concepts that are tricky to demonstrate with online teaching. Also great for visual learners. They have recently added a handy GCSE Summer revision guide, which links a video and practice worksheet for every topic and all FREE!

Pros: Great video tutorials for every topic for Foundation and Higher. Also includes Primary resources.

Cons: The worksheets aren’t very appealing or creative and may not suit students who struggle to engage with maths.

Maths Genie

Maths Genie is great for Maths GCSE revision. It has all the past GCSE papers, complete with modelled answers to go through each one. This site also has video tutorials and exam questions categorised into topics. This site is great for working through with students, but is also a fantastic resource for students to use individually for revision and exam practice. The site also has exam resources and past papers for A-Level maths too, which is a great added bonus!

Pros: Great for independent revision for students preparing for upcoming exams

Cons: Not the most colourful or engaging website.


This has been my original go to site for years, especially when I was primary based. It’s one of the original sites that has been around for decades, but is still high quality. This site is great for STEM style activities and challenges/puzzles that are outside the box. Great for maths mastery and something for all ages and abilities. The activities are easy to adapt to meet the needs of different children.

Pros: Great for outside the box lessons and STEM style activities.

Cons: It’s not the most user-friendly site and can be difficult to find what you are looking for in terms of objectives/topics

BBC Bitesize

Another original golden oldie, but still great. In fact, I’m sure I used this when I was at school! I like the games on this website that are great for engaging reluctant learners such as the ‘Guardian defender of Maths’ game. I find this is more suited to primary age children, but there’s probably some great stuff suitable for secondary too if you dig deep!

Pros: Great for interactive games, quizzes etc

Cons: Not great if you are looking for detailed lesson plans

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