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Tiba Shaikh
Background Check

Tiba Shaikh

Maths and English Tutor KS1-KS4

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Tiba, and I am the new primary tutor at SAT. I am extremely excited to join the team and cannot wait to meet you all. 


A little bit about my academic background, I studied at the Leeds Law School for my LLB Law Degree and went onto do my postgraduate LPC Solicitor Training Course. I have had a successful career in the legal sector for many years, building my knowledge and skills, but I felt it was time to make an inspiring change. 


I have been tutoring online and face to face for a while now, covering Key Stages 1,2,3 and GCSE students. Coming from an intensive academic background myself, I am in a great position to offer my expertise to other students and guide them through their learning journey. I create a safe learning environment, where my students can make mistakes and learn from them. I love inspiring students to get excited about the topics we are covering and engaging them through various exciting methods of teaching. I work with the students to improve their subject knowledge and give them the confidence to tackle anything. 


I love helping students achieve their goals, and I understand that every child is different. I have experience of working with SEN students, and I don’t believe that one method works for everyone. I understand the importance of tailoring my tutoring sessions to each student’s needs, and I am more than willing to accommodate this. 


As a primary tutor I cover many aspects of the curriculum focusing on the Phonics Screening Test in Year 1, Multiplication Test Check in Year 4 and most importantly getting student’s prepared and ready for the SATS in year 6. It is extremely important that children have the best start to their learning journey as important skills are built in these crucial early years, as well as their inquisitive nature which needs to be encouraged.


I am a mother myself, so rest assured I completely understand the importance of being passionate about your child’s educational development. I will work with you and lead you to achieve the best results for your child. The visible growth in your child’s confidence and ability will be truly remarkable, and I cannot wait for you to experience this. 


Hope to see you soon during a session. 

Further Qualifications

  • Child Protection in Education: Level 2

  • Schools Making Sense of Autism of the Schools AET Professional Development Programme

  • PDA Trained

Tutor Review

OK, where do we start? Well, obviously with the amazing tutor that is Tiba. Tiba is one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met. Always smiling. Always genuinely happy to be teaching. She has given our 11 year old daughter her confidence in learning back. Our daughter just sat the 2022 Sats and smashed it! Not bad for a little girl who's not been in school since the beginning of January (but now has the confidence to start big school in September). Tiba is very accommodating with sessions (if you need to change it for some reason, but then I always try to give as much notice as possible). She is so enthusiastic and has so many different ways of explaining something (if your child doesn't understand it one way, then she explains another way). She has the patience of a Saint :) We honestly can't thank her enough for what she has done for our daughter. Especially as our daughter was very nervous and anxious in the beginning, but Tiba soon made her feel more relaxed within the sessions. Now on to Sammie. Sammie offers a fantastic service. If Tiba is anything to go by, Sammie only works with the best, professional yet fun, private tutors out there. I'm sure whichever KeyStage your child is at, whichever subject your child is struggling with, Sammie will find you your perfect learning match. We will continue in the new term with Tiba, albeit once a fortnight /month as and when our daughter may need some assistance and (if big school doesn't work out) I wouldn't hesitate going back to weekly sessions. Definitely, definitely worth the money. Not the cheapest out there, but you get what you pay for and, with Tiba and SAT, I promise you will find that you get more than you pay for. Thank you so much Tiba and Sammie x

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