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Tips and Tricks for Tackling the Homework Blues

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We all know what it’s like to finally get home after a long day at school and want to put your feet up. As you start to finally unwind from a busy day of learning, a little nagging voice appears in your head, reminding you that homework is due. But of course, we put it off and say “future me can worry about that!’ but we all know that that’s not always the most productive thing to do.

So how do we combat those homework blues? Unfortunately, the longer you leave it, the worse position you’ll be in. But no fear! Sammie Allen Tutoring is here to help! Below we have highlighted some tips and tricks to manage that overbearing workload.

1) Understand the Assignment

It all starts with the details. When you’re at school, try your hardest to keep detailed notes of what your teacher expects you to do. Use funky colours and highlighters to remind yourself of those keywords and objectives! Does your teacher want you to write an overview of the key moments during the Battle of Hastings? That most likely doesn’t mean spending 3 hours on the most accurate piece of historical literature to date. That means overview! When you know the size of the task, you can start to budget time and write a list of priorities. We like to remind our students that you can order them from ‘most time consuming’ to ‘least time consuming’ or even by the due date. Try to figure out what days you’re going to do your homework, and please, try not to leave it all until the day before!

2) The Perfect Place

We’re all tempted to plonk down in front of the TV, sit at the kitchen table while tea is on or lie on our bed and blast music when doing our homework, but in fact, these methods can only increase time spent on your tasks. In order to bring yourself back into work mode, you’ll need a desk, a chair and some natural light to reawaken your eyes. Organise your desk so that you have everything you need to learn before you start working. Get your calculator, your sharpener, your coloured pens and your books, and have them all in reach. Most importantly, remove those distractions! Put your phone in a completely different room and buckle down.

3) Get Going!

At some point in the evening, you’ve got to start the work. We understand that this can be the most difficult part, motivating yourself to begin! We find that having a dedicated homework space can be really beneficial. Take yourself away from where you’re relaxing, and bring your brain back into work mode. Work through your list of activities through the evening, and try to give yourself a little reward after each task! Try not to work too late into the night. There is nothing worse than doing difficult tasks past your bedtime, be kind to yourself.

4) Winding down

If you’re organised enough, you should have already decided on your homework timetable, therefore (hopefully) you’re not trying to do too much at once. Our most important rule is to listen to yourself. If you feel like you’ve done enough work, you can allow yourself to stop. Don’t feel like you have to get everything finished on a Sunday night. Work at a pace that allows you to spread the load. Once you feel like you have accomplished enough, you can go back into relaxation mode. Well done, you’ve successfully completed a great day of learning!

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