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Why You Should Consider Summer Tutoring

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Hooray! We made it to summer! Time to put your feet up and reflect on all the wonderful things we have learnt in the 2021-2022 academic year! Here at Sammie Allen Tutoring, we encourage our students to take a break and get away from the chaos of student life, however, for those of us who still have some ironing out to do, summer can be the most beneficial time of the year.

In this blog, we discuss how tutoring can help make the most out of your time off, without leaving learning behind.

Get ahead for next term!

Even if your child is a whizz at school, a summer tutor can still be incredibly beneficial! Tutors can explore new topics and develop subject knowledge that not only interests your child, but also supports a greater depth of knowledge without the pressure to stick to that tick box curriculum! We can support areas that we know will be taught in the following academic year, giving them the best head start possible! We find this really important for children heading from primary to secondary school, as the transition process can be stressful enough without adding advanced learning into the equation.

Fill in those gaps!

For those students who have identified gaps in their knowledge, having the summer holidays to iron out any confusion is really important for both building confidence, and ensuring that no topic gets left behind. Once the tutor has identified the gaps, we can create a fun, interactive package of education suited to filling in those areas that weren’t given enough attention in the academic year. Not only does this build confidence, but it also ensures that the student has time to build a positive attitude towards their learning.

Building healthy habits!

We understand that the summer is for relaxing, we LOVE the summer holidays here at Sammie Allen Tutoring! But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, which can leave students a tad overwhelmed when the busy term begins again. Therefore we recommend summer tuition for students who have the tendency to disengage in education altogether when the holidays come round! This does not necessarily mean detailed, scheduled lessons with tonnes of learning objectives and homework! Sometimes this can simply mean attending bi-weekly top up tuition to keep children’s heads in the game, and build those healthy habits!

So stick around, and let us give you the best start to next year possible!

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