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About Us

Innovators of Education

At Learn With SAT we have made it our mission to break down the barriers of education and make education accessible for all.
We specialise in SEND and Home Ed tutorials for any age group in a wide variety of subjects. To find out more, get in touch!

How Do We Teach Online?

Meet the admin team

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Education Support Officer

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Chief Happiness Officer

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Chief Happiness Officer

Our Mission Statement

I believe that education should be accessible for all, no matter your health, needs or background. As a teenager, I struggled at high-school and had poor attendance due to what I now know is a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. At the time, I found it incredibly challenging to attend school, and even when I was at school, just walking between classrooms and focusing on lessons was a huge challenge for me. 


It is because of my own challenges in education that I created Learn With SAT - an environment and learning provider who understands medical and special educational needs because we ourselves have been there, and as such, we understand the emotional and physical toll that education can have on a young individual. It is our belief that education should have the student at its centre, and that the student should actively be encouraged to use their voice to choose and design their own bespoke package of education that truly caters for their needs and ambitions. 


To do this, we have a team of experienced, friendly and passionate tutors who are able to deconstruct difficult concepts to help students learn. As a result, we are able to support students with their SAT's, 11+, GCSE's and A-Levels.

Picture of Founder - Sammie Allen

Sammie Allen 

Founder of Learn With SAT

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