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At Learn With SAT we offer a student-centric approach to tuition for all ages, from preschoolers to adult learners; covering SATs, GCSEs and A-Level preparation. 

 The interactive lessons focus on exam technique and content knowledge, whilst building academic confidence across the board. Sessions are offered in-home or online and all take place on a 1-2-1 basis.

Meet Our Tutors - Select a Subject 

For online tutoring, we use an online interactive whiteboard that allows you to upload pictures, videos and even pdf documents onto a collaborative whiteboard that both tutor and student can interact with. It's an incredible tool that makes online learning engaging and fun for the student, they can also access their board 24/7 to look back on their work, and download PDFs to print at home.  

Book a Free Consultation

Thank you, we will call you for a phone consultation soon!

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How It Works


Fill out our free consultation form and we will call you at your specified time.


During your consultation we will develop a profile of you/ your child, we can then match you with a tutor and create a provision plan that suits your needs.


Once we have matched you with a tutor/s and created a timetable, we will set up a group chat between you, your tutor and a member of our admin staff. Here we can help with any request or questions you have throughout your time with Learn With SAT.  


You will gain access to our online platform, Teachworks, here you can view your calender. 


Start your first lesson! We use Zoom and Bitpaper to provide an interactive online tutoring experience.

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