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Asit Rahman

Science and Maths Tutor

About Me

Graduate aerospace engineer training as an analogue astronaut, and currently a student researcher in the Arctic. Among all those, I'm also an experienced tutor with 8 years of experience. 


I also struggled significantly in school due to my own learning difficulties, so I understand the challenges most students both academically and in day to day tasks. But through my own struggles and the knowledge of my students' own difficulties, I can often identify what someone struggles with even before they are aware what or why they find a subject difficult.

As a science teacher, I put a huge emphasis on not blindly learning from a textbook. Science, like all other subjects, is something to be experienced and observed and can often be wrong. But it's fun when we get things wrong because it opens up windows of opportunities to learn why something is wrong. It's a philosophy I always apply to my students to encourage them to keep making mistakes, and learning by trying things a different way or observing something from a different perspective. So, where other teachers would use books and theory to teach, I use experience and understanding to help struggling students in the position I once was, to excel in the subject as I do now.


 With my tenacity and determination, I'll help my students excel!

Further Qualifications

  • BSc Aeronautical Engineering

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Level 1 Safeguarding Certificate

  • 8+ years teaching experience

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