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Cecilia Astolfi

Science and Maths Tutor

About Me

I am an experienced, qualified, Chartered Science teacher specialised in Physics. I am passionate about the subjects I teach: I believe all students have the potential to succeed as long as they are supported appropriately. Physics is a fascinating subject, but many students are turned off by the difficulty of concepts, Maths involved, and the abundance of subject-specific terminology. I can help you in getting over such hurdles!


 I strive to create a positive learning environment where the learner feels comfortable enough to ask questions; the student's needs, attitude and personality shapes the learning process. I often use online simulations (e.g. Phet) to engage and stimulate curiosity. 


As a successful learner myself, I can guide you in finding methods of studying and revising that are effective at every level of schooling. These include (but are not limited to): how to take notes, mind-mapping, making a revision timetable, and exam techniques.

Further Qualifications

  • MSc in Physics 

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Level 1 Safeguarding Certificate

  • 8+ years teaching experience

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