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Marichelle Manalang

KS3 and GCSE English Language & Literature tutor

About Me

I am a 2:1 English Literature BA graduate from Kingston University. In secondary school, I achieved straight A*'s in English and I started volunteering to tutor other students in the subject. This is when I discovered my passion to help people improve and combat areas of difficulty in English. I have been an English tutor since I was in Year 12 as a part of the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.) During my university days, I also volunteered with Kingston Hub in their Schools Plus programme as an Online Tutor. This experienced allowed me to help disadvantaged students achieve above their target grades. From the amount of experience I have accumulated, I have been helping students excel in English for 6 years straight and have simultaneously created many of my own resources. 


I usually teach KS3 and GCSE in AQA English Language & Literature. 


My preferred teaching approach is completely dependant on the individual's needs. Some students will prefer a planned and structured lesson; whereas, others enjoy a relaxed environment.


One of my greatest successes that I have had with teaching is helping a child with learning difficulties understand a topic and achieve the grades they wanted to. At first, they were hesitant to interact and speak during the lessons; however, they slowly started opening up to me. As they interacted more and more in the lessons we had, they quickly began to grasp the topics and began to understand what they had to do to achieve their target grades and more! 


One of the most important things I had to remind them was that I was here for them with the one goal of helping them understand at least one concept every session. They were initially worried that the tutoring sessions would go too quickly for them to comprehend. But I matched my teaching pace to their needs and allowed them enough time to fully understand the topics.


What I really love about English as a subject is that there are no definitive right and wrong answers. This subject allows people to interpret texts as they please. Furthermore, English can reflects human nature and it a method in which we can learn and relate to one another; therefore, the subject helps us empathise with others. I also believe that English Literature helps encourage inspiration and creativity by allowing students to explore how literature makes sense of the world through a variety of texts by authors from many different backgrounds. 


Teaching English as a subject is something I am really passionate about because I want to share my experience and expertise with students who need the most help. I love working with children who struggle with areas of English and help them realise that they are able to earn the grades they want with a little bit of help.


Let's achieve your goals together and go beyond the expectations!

  • Safeguarding Children (Level 1)

  • PDA Trained

Further Qualifications

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