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SEN at Sammie Allen Tutoring

At Sammie Allen Tutoring, we feel that updating our socials is so important to keep in touch with parents, the children we teach, and even new clients! We post content such as worksheets, feedback and even memes on our page, but one thing that we feel incredibly passionate about posting is special educational needs (SEN) awareness!

So let’s take you back…

A few months ago, we were looking through the marketing calendar and we came to the realisation that, we – an SEN tuition agency – aren’t posting anything about special educational needs! *Big pause*

We took a little while to reflect. To reflect on the fact that we could be doing SO much more to bring awareness to what we literally see every. Single. Day. and for about 5 minutes we sat in silence, thinking about how many people have scrolled through our Instagram or Facebook and have been completely oblivious to the fact that we are SEN professionals. Oopsie.

So, we got too it. 3 hours of research later, we created a comprehensive list of as many special educational needs awareness dates and facts that we could find, all written down on one gigantic spreadsheet! We knew that in posting this kind of content, we could start to bring awareness to the fact that not only do we care about children’s needs, but we are knowledgeable about them too.

We felt proud that we had started to make a difference, and especially continue to educate ourselves in actually how many SENs are actually out there. So, we started planning these posts all over our social media. We included links, donation pages, fancy pictures, and hashtags to try and get the picture across that we are here to help!

This feels a lot closer to home for us. We are educators, professionals, absolutely awesome teachers, and we need to let every single person know that we are here, we listen, and we understand SEN!

So far, we have posted about Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Selective mutism, ADHD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, and this week, Spina Bifida. So, go check them out, teach yourself and please... give us a like?

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